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Red Heads: Michael Singer

Name: Michael Singer
Age: 61
From: Toronto, Canada

How did you become a United fan?
I was born in London but moved to Dublin when I was six and then Spain at 13. When living in Dublin, most of my friends’ brothers would leave to look for work in either Manchester or Liverpool. Fortunately, I became a United supporter.

Best United moment? The 1968 European Cup run. I attended the semi-final in Madrid when we came from 3-1 down to draw 3-3. Amazing.

Favourite all-time player?
Bobby Charlton. He was a genius. The way he could control a match was phenomenal and he scored some fantastic goals. The goal he scored with his head in 1968 against Benfica is the one I remember the most.

What’s the longest or most outrageous trip you’ve made to see the Reds? I haven’t done a lot of travelling following the team, but I did go to New York and Philadelphia in 2003 for the pre-season tour. What an experience!

How do you follow United on matchdays? I run the supporters’ branch in Canada. We all congregate at the pub and the singing begins well before kick-off. By the time the match starts the pub is usually packed and there’s a lot of shouting, screaming and cheering. Most matches begin at 10am, but there’s no beer served until 11 so the second half is usually a bit rowdier. For last season’s Champions League final we must have had 500 people packed into the place!

Who do you enjoy beating most and why? Liverpool. There’s such a rivalry and while we live in the present they still seem to be living in the past. I also love beating Chelsea.

Ever met any of the players or staff?
We had some former players come to Canada about 15 years ago, among them Norman Whiteside and Arthur Albiston. I've also met Paddy Crerand a few times. What struck me was how polite they were and how

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