02/09/2009 09:09, Report by Ben Hibbs
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Fans rate Blues as title threat

United are aiming to make it four titles in a row this season, but there are plenty of teams plotting to stop us achieving that goal. We asked you who you think will be our biggest rivals for the Barclays Premier League crown this term and you responded in vast numbers.

Chelsea have been quickest out of the blocks and top the table and they have clearly made the biggest impression on readers as they finished with 86 per cent of the votes in our online poll.

Arsenal were the next likely team to test United's resolve to keep the trophy for a fourth season, but interestingly Liverpool were not seen as any more of a danger than Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur.

Aston Villa and Everton were way off the pace as fans on Talking Reds suggested that they are still challenging to break the established top four rather than truly press on for the title.

We asked for your opinions on the Talking Reds thread, and here's a selection of the comments we got...

"Chelsea because they are playing good football. Arsenall will be up there, but I don't seem them winning it. Liverpool will be the ones to fall out of the top four this season. Spurs look good, but with Modric gone that's a blow for them. Chelsea are the toughest contenders though. I see us winning it, partly because Chelsea will lose a few players to the African Nations mid-season."
Posted by Nitish_a23

"Chelsea seem unstoppable at the moment, but we can surely win the title by winning the games against them, Arsenal, Liverpool etc. Liverpool look out of the reckoning and Tottenham will be beaten soon."
Posted by Nikhil Chawla

"Chelsea have the title in the bag to me, they're a complete team and they've kept their best players."
Posted by hannibal-lecter

"It has to be

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