09/09/2009 08:21, Report by Ben Hibbs

Who's on for World Cup glory?

United's army of internationals are back in action tonight for their respective countries as the 2010 World Cup qualifiers edge ever closer to their climax.

Several of our players are well-placed for qualification, while others' hopes of making next summer's tournament in South Africa still hang in the balance.

We want to know who you think, once qualified, has the best chance of winning the trophy, who you think could be tournament dark horses and why.

As usual, you can vote in our poll and post more in-depth views on the Talking Reds thread. Here are the best comments we've received so far:

"England under Capello look like a far more professional unit than they usually are. The run of performances that England have enjoyed at the moment is impressive. I believe the squad has good depth and professionalism that they've lacked in the past. I really believe this time will be different and England will achieve glory."
Posted by Himann

"I know many English supporters would like to think they can go all the way, but I don't think they'll get any further than the semis. For me, the most impressive team is Brazil. They're the strongest team with a good mix of youth and experience. Being a German supporter, I always believe we have a chance, but unfortunately there are no German Reds at the moment."
Posted by Kevie-SA

"If Anderson makes it into the squad for South Africa next year then I think we'll have a World Cup winner in our ranks."
Posted by Pugan Raul

"My team Holland have already qualified and I'd love to see Edwin van der Sar enjoy one more tournament. We could let Fletcher and Scotland win in the qualifier tonight but that's not going to happen. They'll have to fight for it!"
Posted by Danieltje

Post your comments on the Talking Reds thread and we'll add the best comments that we receive.

For all the latest qualification standings, visit the FIFA website.


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