Take City seriously?

Who do you see as United's main threats this season? Do you foresee one of the most open title races in years?


24/08/2010 16:36, Report by Nathan Thomas
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Laugh or cry?

I must admit, when I sat down to watch last night's game between Manchester City and Liverpool I was hoping for a bore draw.

What ensued showed the Blues as serious title challengers and the Scousers as a team whose best hope is a Europa League finish, or does it?

What we mustn’t do is lose perspective. We are, of course, only two games into the new season. The men from Eastlands admittedly did look good, with a much improved performance from their opener at Spurs, but Roy Hodgson's team looked a forlorn outfit shorn of ideas and spark.

It was difficult to know whether to laugh or cry at times - Liverpool being played off the park is a sweet sight to all United fans but when it’s by City your view on the situation somewhat changes.

On paper, neither side can be ruled out as title challengers. Sheikh Mansour’s millions have enabled the Blues to build a seemingly formidable team but whether it will gel remains to be seen. Yes, they looked impressive last night but the season is won or lost over 38 games, not two. As for Liverpool, when Fernando Torres is unfit and new signing Joe Cole is out, they will surely struggle but there is plenty of time for them to improve so it would be unwise to overlook them at this early stage.

As for United, many fans seem to view the draw at Fulham on Sunday as a calamity. Yes, we probably should have come away with the three points but we have started better than we did last season in both performances and results.

Despite the challenge emerging from across Manchester, I still see our main threat coming from the capital and from a different billionaire’s club. I am confident that United’s experience of the situation will see us prevail against the likes of  City, Arsenal and Liverpool and once again lead us to an end-of-season dog fight between the Reds and Chelsea.

Football is all about opinions and I could be way off the mark with my prediction but one thing I am sure of is that with the players still not quite at full fitness and key men returning to the fold, I am sure that Sir Alex’s men will be up there come the end of the season no matter who is

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