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Read what's Nick Coppack said during a webchat with website readers, live from Old Trafford on Thursday 19 August.

19/08/2010 08:13,
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Webchat: Nick Coppack journalist Nick Coppack answered your questions during a live webchat on Thursday afternoon (19 August).

Nick eased himself into the webchat hot-seat, a metaphorical piece of furniture that's previously been warmed by MUTV presenter Stewart Gardner and other journalists Ben Hibbs, Steve Bartram and Gemma Thompson. John O'Shea even spent an hour in it during Tour 2010.

Here's a transcript from Nick's webchat (last comment appears first):

Right, that's an hour... I hope you've enjoyed the webchat. Thanks for taking part. Sorry I didn't get to answer everybody's questions – there were more than 350 submissions.

What do you make of the lack of any high-profile signings after a pretty poor season? - William Thomas Auld
Poor season? We won the Carling Cup, missed out on the league by one point and only went out of Europe after a second-half sending off changed the face of the game. I don't think we should over-react too much. Plus, not many of the other teams in the league have shown massive signs of improvement. Hernandez looks a great buy, Valencia will surely kick on in his second season, while players like Nani, Rafael, Evans and Gibson can all play key roles this season. Big names don't guarantee success.

Have United signed Dodo from Corinthians? - Joel Koh
Nope, sorry. He's just one of more than 100 players the Reds have been linked to in this transfer window. Check out The Gossip for a full list.

Who'd win in a fight: Steve Bartram or Ben Hibbs? - Peter Corkery
Steve would go for pure power, but Ben would have a few snidey tricks up his sleeve. If I was a betting man I'd put my money on Mr Bartram.

What's the best part of your job? - Pugan
I get to do something I love (write) at a place I grew up dreaming about (Old Trafford). Getting paid to write about and watch football is incredible. It's not easy, mind you, but it's enjoyable 90 per cent of the time.

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