Do you snood?

Arsenal's in-form Samir Nasri will no doubt be bringing his to OT on Monday. But blogger and MUTV presenter David Stowell is sceptical.

"Is there really any need to wear what looks like a pair of pants round your neck?"
- David Stowell
09/12/2010 12:53, Report by David Stowell
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To snood or not to snood?

To snood or not to snood? That's the burning question if you're a professional footballer.

With temperatures plummeting and pitches catching the grass equivalent of man-flu, there’s been almost as much attention paid to footballers’ knitwork as their footwork. Yes, it’s cold, but is there really any need to wear what looks like a pair of pants around your neck?

Sir Alex clearly isn’t a fan. Reds players have been noticeably snoodless, and Rio Ferdinand has said on his Twitter account that you won't catch any United player wearing one. Gloves - maybe. Snoods - certainly not.

On Tuesday night, some players on the continent and even the officials at Old Trafford were wearing tights. Tights? It’s official, the football world’s gone mad. Or a little bit soft. Can you imagine Bryan Robson, Roy Keane or Vida entertaining this sort of clobber? Exactly. At least our lads are taking a stand.

It’ll be another chilly one on Monday at Old Trafford. As a football fan, it’s a joy to watch Arsenal play and I make no apology for saying that, even on here. Arsene Wenger has some nifty offensive players at his disposal who you may not want to admit you like, but you do

Fabregas, Wilshere, van Persie and the in-form Samir Nasri are all very talented players. As a team they stroke the ball here and there, teasing the opposition and scoring goals at will. They’re almost perfect.

The ‘almost’ has to be added because the trophies haven’t been. Ultimately, Arsenal are known in the business as the team that you find most frustrating to play against and, at times I'd imagine, even more annoying to support. They promise so much and have delivered nothing silver for five years.

Since the Gunners last lifted a trophy, United have won the Premier League three times, the League Cup three times, the Community Shield three times and have been crowned the best team in Europe and the world. So while some like to lavish praise on Arsene Wenger, Sir Alex has clearly shown he's the kingpin.

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