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29/07/2010 11:08 , Gemma Thompson
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Blog: Reds in Mexico's Gemma Thompson is travelling with the squad across America on Tour 2010 and you can interact with her on our message board . The views expressed are personal to the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Manchester United.

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Saturday 31 July  (Guadalajara is six hours behind the UK)

I’m signing off the blog now as we head for the airport and our flight home to England. And that’s it from me for the whole tour. It’s been an absolutely amazing 18 days. We’ve been to some fantastic cities and witnessed some highly entertaining matches. The players have done some great work on the training pitch and preparations for the new season have gone very well. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blogs in all the different cities (see links above) just as much as I have enjoyed writing them. Thanks for all your questions and comments along the way, on the message board and in our live webchats. Bye for now.

00:30 Sorry readers, I struggled to get online at the stadium as it turned out, and needed some help from the guys back home to publish stuff on the site, including this blog entry! It's a shame because, despite United's 3-2 defeat, it was an otherwise great night in Guadalajara. But at least you can read about events on the field - with Chicharito playing for and against us - plus the spectacular, Olympic-style opening ceremony (see video menu) in my match report.

Friday 30 July

Going down to get on the bus to the stadium now. Will (hopefully) be back online when I get there. Talk to you in a bit.

18:20 Got a team news tip-off for you - Tomasz Kuszczak will be in goal tonight and, of course, Chicharito will be in a United shirt for the first half and a Chivas one for the second period.

17:13 Have you got your tickets booked for United's friendly in Ireland next week? If not, I'd get some because Rooney and co.

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