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John O'Shea webchat

After a tough training session in Philadelphia on 19 July, John O'Shea jumped online at the team hotel to answer questions from fans. Here's what he had to say...

How has the Irish-American support been for you and the other Irish lads since you arrived on tour? - Justin Walker
We've noticed the support a lot in Chicago and Philly. Even Toronto for the Irish lads. I've got lots of family members coming to the Philly game and the one in Houston. I notice it quite a bit because of the family connection and the Irish connection is huge in America.

You've played in almost every position for United. Reckon you could do the business up front? - Jason McPherson
Haha! I think I'll leave it to the lads we have. They're good enough. I'll be an emergency striker, maybe. I remember playing there against Reading when I came on a couple of seasons ago. I had a chance, but it was saved. I would have loved to have scored, though.

How do you feel when the fans sing "When Johnny goes marching down the wing..."? Do the lads all talk about each other's songs? - Marcio Juarez
Yes, we all talk about each other's songs. Some players have great songs. But it's always a great feeling to hear your name being sung. I mime along sometimes!

Which was your favourite goal for United – the chip against Arsenal or the winner at Anfield in front of the Kop? - Oun Abbas Hussain
It has to be the goal at the Kop because of the significance of that game and the momentum it gave us. Also because it was against Liverpool with a few minutes to go.

Are you looking forward to the trip to Dublin, and what are your main targets for next season? - Mick Callinan
I can't wait to go to Dublin and open up the new staidum. I had a tour of it in May during international duty and it's a fantastic place. I'm really looking forward to playing there. As for my targets for this season, I want to play as often as I can and stay fit and healthy. Last season's injury was really disappointing. Hopefully we'll challenge for trophies, as always.

Congratulations on your marriage. Will this change you as a player? - Omar Ashraf
Thanks for the congratulations. I don't think it will change me, no. We had a fantastic day, though. Everything went to plan and thankfully she said yes!

What have the fans been like so far in the US? - Daniel O'Donnell
The fans have been amazing. The Toronto support was great, as was the open training in Chicago. Plenty of singing and shouting. And there have been lots of Irish fans, who always give me a great reaction.

Have there been any pranks on tour so far? - Rose-Ann Murzello
We were walking down the street in Chicago – Wes,

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