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23/07/2010 10:49 , Gemma Thompson
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Today in Philadelphia's Gemma Thompson is travelling with the squad across America on Tour 2010 and you can interact with her on our message board . The views expressed are personal to the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Manchester United.

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Friday 23 July (Philadelphia is five hours behind the UK)

21:35 We're leaving early for the airport tomorrow morning so the next time I'll speak to you will be in Kansas City (the Missouri version) on Saturday afternoon (we'll be an extra hour behind the UK just so you know). Hope you've enjoyed the Philly blog, make sure you follow the KC one. Bye for now.

21:15 It's been a great week here in Philly and the players seem to have got some good training under their belts at the fantastic home of the Philadelphia Eagles - it really is an incredible set-up at the Novacare Centre. When I talked to Fletch the other day he said "everything about the tour has been great – the hotels, facilities and stadiums." Totally agree with him.

21:05 So it definitely doesn't look like me and Stewart Gardner will be able to schedule in our race up the Rocky Steps. Never mind, sure he'd probably have beaten me given I've only got flipflops to run in - that would have been my excuse for losing anyway!

20:35 Quite a few people have asked me which players I think have stood out so far on the tour - against Celtic it was Berbatov and Scholes and in the match with Philadelphia Union it was Danny

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