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John O'Shea will take part in an exclusive webchat on Monday 19 July.

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Webchat: Gemma Thompson journalist Gemma Thompson fielded questions from fans in a live webchat from the team hotel in Toronto. If you missed it, here's the full transcript...

Who has been most impressive during the training sessions?Harun Nasuf
Considering the lads only got back from their summer holidays last week, I think they're all looking pretty sharp. As I've mentioned in my blog, I don't envy them training in the heat out here but it'll definitely benefit them in the long run. Sir Alex picked out Paul Scholes the other night when he spoke to MUTV. He said the midfielder is looking as sharp as ever and I'd have to agree.

What sort of reaction are the team getting from the fans over there? Are they as well known as they are in Asia? -Sukhraj Heer
It's very different to Asia. I've been on two of the last three Asia tours and quite honestly have never seen anything like the welcome we get there - it's incredible. We didn't really see any fans in Chicago at the airport or hotel - although there were a lot of Bulgarian airport workers very excited to see Berba! There were a handful of fans to greet us at the hotel when we (eventually) arrived in Toronto last night.

What do you think of the new signing in Chris Smalling? - Adeyinka Adeyemi-Adebisi
I've only seen bits of him in training so far but when I spoke to Wes Brown yesterday he said Chris has fitted in really well and looks a quality defender. Hopefully he might get a run-out tonight.

You haven't had much time but how do you like the city of Toronto? - Nathan Burch
From the very little I've seen it looks lovely. I've got a nice balcony actually with a good view of the city and I'm hoping to make a visit to the CN Tower later before the game if I get time. The United bar I went to last night has been the highlight so far - great place to follow the Reds!

What's it like being able to work for United and be able to talk to all their stars? - Tim Oxley
It's a cliche, but it's a dream come true. I've been a United fan all my life and being able to work with so many great people at the club, not just the players, is absolutely brilliant. And getting to see the world with them is even better! The players are

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