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23/06/2010 09:58,

Scouting: Sergio Aguero

Atletico Madrid striker and Maradona's son-in-law wouldn't be cheap - but he'd be worth it, says skost96...

Player name: Sergio Aguero
National team: Argentina
Club team: Atletico Madrid
Position: Forward/Striker
Age: 22
Match scouted: Argentina 2-0 Greece, 22 June 2010
Key moment: There were many, the best being when he turned past the Greek centre-backs and went on to strike a cleverly crafted shot that nearly went in.
Strengths: He's a flair, unpredictable, good ability to find space, and good at picking off a shot.
Weaknesses: There aren't many, although he could improve on his decision making at times. There were a couple of instances where he could have off-loaded the ball instead of taking on his man.
Suitability: He is very versatile, so he could play behind Wayne Rooney, or alongside him.
Estimated cost: He wouldn't come cheaply. He would probably cost around £30million. But I think with our record of developing young talent, he could double that value within a few years in the Premier League.


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