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14/05/2010 13:10 , Ben Hibbs & Steve Bartram
1 of 10 Next webchat's Ben Hibbs and Steve Bartram answer your questions on the 2009/10 campaign. Got a question?  Post it on Talking Reds ...

Well, that's it from myself and Steve. Really enjoyed the webchat. Thanks very much for your excellent comments. Sorry if we didn't get round to answering your question, but we'll definitely be doing this again soon, so hopefully we'll get round to responding to you then. Bye for now.

What is your favourite game while you were doing Match Tracker? Which game do you have the best memories from? - Hades16
SB: That's a difficult one, because an enjoyable game from a Match Tracker perspective is a comfortable win without too many goals, otherwise it's one of the most hectic jobs we have. I remember working United's 4-2 win at Arsenal where there seemed to be a goal, booking or sending off every minute. That was a great game to watch, but a nightmare to provide live text for. One that sticks in the memory is last season's 4-3 win over City, though. I'm sure my keyboard was smoking by the final whistle. Still, I couldn't be too disappointed with the outcome in the end - and it was particularly funny to watch Ben have to re-write his match report for the umpteenth time.

Why are there no pictures of the editorial team on the website, even a team photo, yet all the MUTV guys have their photos on Aren’t you photogenic? –
BH: Haha! That's the best question yet. Personally, I don’t mind my face, but some of the team here have what we call ‘a face for radio’ (Nick Coppack). Next season – to your undoubted horror – we will hopefully be unmasking the website journalists as we enhance our blogs section and do more things like webchats. Look out for that next season... and be prepared! Also, the MUTV lot are so publicity hungry that they will get their mugs anywhere they can. I've seen Stewart Gardner standing outside the Megastore handing out black and white stills of his face to passers-by.

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