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We have just signed a world class player! It shows United have the muscle when they need it. In Sir Alex Ferguson I trust.

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22/10/2010 18:39, Report by Daniel Etchells

Talking Point: Roo-turn

United fans from far and wide have flocked to's message board, Talking Reds, to post their views on Wayne Rooney’s decision to stay. Here's a selection of comments...

What great news! Wayne must have been given assurances over new players etc. I hope he goes on to be a legend. Now let's get back to being United!
Stanley Jones

We all have to stay behind Rooney. I don’t think any of us know how Wayne felt over the last few weeks and we won’t know what was going through his mind. Now let’s stand by him and get behind our team to get our trophy back and at last overcome Liverpool!
WayneM 7

I didn’t see this one coming. I thought it was the last we had seen of Roo in the red shirt. I took a nap just after seeing all the doom and gloom... then I woke up and saw the news! Never underestimate Sir Alex. On Wednesday, after the Champions League game, he said we would have this sorted by tomorrow. On the television afterwards everyone was asking, 'What does he mean?' Well you now know! Still shocked though!

I'm shocked, but I have to say I’m happy about it, even though he put us through a lot over this last week. I bet he will play his backside off now, showing the fans what a great player he is. Thank you Fergie! I know you did everything you could to make him stay. I forgive Rooney and I think everybody else should too. It may take some time for some fans but in the end he is a Manchester United player and we should support him.
me 23

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