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United goalkeeping coach Eric Steele answered fans' questions in a live webchat on on Tuesday 12 October.

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12/10/2010 17:27, Report by Adam Bostock
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Webchat: Eric Steele

United goalkeeping coach Eric Steele answered fans' questions in a live webchat on Tuesday 12 October.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. We are sorry he couldn't answer them all. Here's a transcript, starting with the last question answered by Eric.

How do goalkeepers keep themselves mentally strong, as their mistakes are always scrutinised by the media?
Haamsaaveni Dilip Kumar, Paya Terubong, Malaysia

When we do it right, no-one remembers. When we do it wrong, no-one forgets. The biggest change in the game is the 24/7 craving for knowledge, information, viewing games and incidents. Whereas there was just a weekly highlights show 10 years ago, now you see things shown over and over again every day. People want to see goals, and that means showing goalkeepers sometimes making mistakes. But I commend Sky Sports for having things like 'Save of the Week' and 'Save of the Season' - it's about time goalkeepers were celebrated and recognised for their job.

Can you give a insight as to the type of gym work that you recommend for goalkeepers? What is a typical week's training regime?
Stephen Rooney, Glanmire, Republic of Ireland

We cover core, balance, proprioception, strength and power. These aspects are worked on every day in the gym and on the training field. The gym prepares the body and mind for the field, it's never the main part of our set-up.

What makes the difference between a good goalkeeper in the Football League or Premier League and one at the top of the sport?
Carly Jones, Wolverhampton, UK

The difference between the good and the great is that the great thrive on the pressure of playing at the top level consistently. Edwin thrives on it and Peter Schmeichel did too. Guys like them don't just cope with pressure, they thrive on it. And they're driven by a desire to always win, they want to be winners.

Is it hard to keep the other goalkeepers Kuszczak and Amos motivated when they're not in the team all the time? Paul

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