Tom's enemy's newspaper = Gerry Daly.

Can you fathom the other cryptic clues?

19/08/2011 10:00, Report by Adam Marshall

Trivia teaser: Cryptic Reds

A new-look poser for this week's trivia challenge as we listed cryptic clues to six former Reds.

You had to allow us a little poetic licence but the answers are listed below. Well done to Andrew Hanssen on our Talking Reds forum, who got them all right - top marks.

As an example, 'Star amongst the cattle' could be a clue for David Herd (Star of David / herd of cattle) or Tom's enemy's newspaper could be Gerry Daly (Jerry Daily).

1. This dragon-slayer is the greatest =
George Best (St George, best)
2. Confused brain of a child =
Brian Kidd (anagram of brain, kid)
3. Stroke a Scottish monkey =
Pat McGibbon (pat, Mc for Scottish and gibbon)
4. Prepare to pray before the Internet =
Neil Webb (Kneel, web)
5. Move facial hair with greater energy =
Russell Beardsmore (rustle beards more)
6. Borrowed money from a cat =
Tom Sloan (tom's loan)

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