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26/01/2011 15:38, Report by Mark Froggatt

Fans revel in comeback

Following Tuesday’s dramatic 3-2 victory over Blackpool, our message board users were full of praise for the way United overturned a two-goal deficit to move five points clear at the top of the Barclays Premier League.

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Very important win, shows that the team has a fighting character. Also it showed us how important our oldies Giggs and Scholes are to our team. Giggs definitely won us the match and was man of the match to me, by far.

Another great comeback, this is the biggest 3 points of the season so far. Now we are five points clear, a good position. Berbatov is unstoppable. Giggs and Scholes are still playing like they’re 27 and Hernandez was the key to our win.

A fantastic comeback and one of the most exiting games of the season so far, even if the Liverpool game might just be better
What a comeback and a vital win with it being the game in hand. Games in hand count for absolutely nothing unless you win them. Let’s hope we can keep on winning and keep pushing on from here!

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