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14/06/2011 16:49,

Fan scouting: Alcantara

On Talking Reds , we've asked fans to submit scouting reports during the U21s European Championships. Here's the first, from message-board user Hombrados.

Player name: Thiago Alcantara
National team:
Club team:
Central midfield
20 (born 11 April 1991 in Bari, Italy)

Match scouted: Spain 1-1 England, 12 June
Key moment:
His all-round passing was fantastic throughout the game. In the first half he easily ran past Michael Mancienne with a very quick movement before taking a shot that went wide.

He reminds me of Andres Iniesta. He has a great range of passing, a silky touch, he's very skilful and boasts a great energy level.
His frame may be considered a little slight for the Premier League but players like David Silva have fitted perfectly into the English game, so I can't see why Thiago shouldn't be able to do that too. He doesn't have much experience so it could be a little risky to buy him as an immediate replacement for Paul Scholes. For that role, we probably need a player who is already a proven footballer.

Suitability: Eventual replacement for Paul Scholes.
Estimated cost:
If Barcelona were to get Cesc Fabregas I think he could become available. I'd guess he would be cost about £15million, but that price could rise if he continues to perform like he did against England in the U21s tournament.

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