1950s striker Tommy Taylor (pictured, right) is one United player whose first name and surname have the same initial.
Can you name eight others from the 1970s to the present day?
01/07/2011 09:31, Report by Adam Marshall

United trivia teaser

We've come up with a trivia teaser at to get all Reds fans thinking and delving into their memory banks.

By our reckoning, EIGHT players have represented United at first-team level in senior competitions since the 1970s whose first and surnames begin with the same letter.

They must have played for the first-team at some stage so the likes of Paul Pogba and Danny Drinkwater do not count.

1950s striking star Tommy Taylor is another example of a player whose name would fit into this category.

So get your thinking caps on and challenge your friends and we'll publish the list at 5pm today.

Answers: Paul Parker, Arthur Albiston, Willie Watson, Mick Martin, Dion Dublin, Joe Jordan, George Graham, Chris Casper

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