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31/03/2011 09:16 , Editorial team
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Today at Old Trafford

Ravel Morrison has had a headed goal disallowed for offside and Charni Ekangamene has chanced his arm from range, while Reds goalkeeper Joe Coll has been largely unemployed. Fingers crossed for a better second half! (AM)

12:21 I'm heading down to Carrington in the next hour or so to watch the Under-18s play against Sunderland. We'll have updates on here and a full report to follow. (AM)

11:34 All the talk of this summer's USA tour this week has got me thinking back to last year's trip. Like Nick, I've been lucky enough to see quite a bit of the world with the team on tour and the 2010 tour of North America, Canada and Mexico is arguably my favourite to date. I've just been looking back at some of my old blogs and found some funny videos of when we visited NASA in Houston. Definitely worth a look, especially the one called 'Tomasz the astronaut!' (GT)

11:09 A little bit of housekeeping for you: the Academy office has confirmed 17-year-old Rafael Leao (born 6 April 1993) has arrived on loan from Desportivo Brasil. The defensive midfielder will remain at United until 30 June and gain experience with the Under-18s. (NC)

11:08 Jonny Evans has reiterated his desire to remain at Old Trafford, as reported in today's Papers round-up. Personally, I'm pleased. Jonny will be the first to admit he's had a few rough patches this season, but we all know how good he can be. Remember how good he was in 2009/10? I have no doubts he'll regain that form. (NC)

10:38 With all the talk of pre-season tours this week, I had a dream last night that I flew out to Asia with the team in the summer. In my dream, the

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