Collective effort at Swansea

"It was a "job done" sort of performance.  A real team display rather than a game where individuals stood out."

- Stewart Gardner, MUTV

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21/11/2011 16:27, Report by Stewart Gardner, MUTV
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Blog: Welcomed in Wales

Top of my Christmas present wish list?

A new satnav or at the very least an updated satnav map. The final straw came on Saturday. Instead of punching in the post code for the Liberty Stadium I instead opted for Swansea City FC in the options list on the satnav. And the cheeky devil of a machine took me to the Vetch Field, Swansea's old home...

"You have reached your destination," blurted Homer Simpson (the voice of my satnav) as I pulled into a cul de sac near the city centre. No I hadn't!  There followed a panicky call to the office who managed to tell me what the post code for the Liberty Stadium was. I was about three miles away and eventually made it after asking a kindly taxi driver for directions.

I am a bit obsessed about getting to grounds early, at least three hours before kick off, and I left home so early that I still arrived three hours before kick-off despite the geographical turmoil. But my pride was hurt and my work colleagues were merciless in their mocking of me.

As for the game itself, once again it was a "job done" sort of performance.  A real team display rather than a game where individuals stood out. Having said that, I think that Michael Carrick was very effective in his first league start of the season and Nemanja Vidic justfied Alan Hansen's description of him as "by far" the best centre-half in the Barclays Premier League.

I know United have lost a bit of razzle dazzle at the moment but they have gone through a very necessary process of defensive tightening since the derby. Five successive clean sheets tells its own story.

In the tunnel after the game, Swansea's injured former United defender Alan Tate was waiting for his old team-mate Darren Fletcher. He wanted Fletch to sign a shirt. Whilst he was waiting, Sir Alex came over and had a really good chat with Alan. It must have made him feel ten feet tall. He left United the best part of a decade ago but the manager treated him like he was a current member of the United squad. That says a lot about the qualities of the boss.

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