28/11/2011 12:00, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Daystar Simon roots for Reds

Daystar frontman Simon Monaghan talks to about his lifelong passion for the Reds and his hope of regaining derby bragging rights in the Manchester band…

Why United?
I wasn’t influenced by anyone in my family or anything like that, I just remember being asked at school who I supported and because most of the kids were United fans I went for United. As time has gone on, following the club has become a real passion of mine.

What do you remember about your first visit to Old Trafford?
I can’t remember who we played because my memory is terrible, but it was in the mid-90s. And the big thing that struck me was the whole atmosphere and the hustle and bustle before the game. It’s kind of beautiful that you have all these people gathered together because they all love this football team. Sport brings so many people together, but only certain clubs have that magic feel to them and United have always had that.

How often do you get to OT?
There’s so much going on with the band so not as often as I’d like, but I get to about five to ten games a season.

Who’s your United hero?
I’ve got two. Actually, no it’s three! I’ve got to say Ronaldo just for the unbelievable football he played while he was here, Giggs for what an amazing servant he’s been and Cantona for those edge-of-the-seat moments he produced. Everything about him was exciting.

What’s the banter like in the band?
Me and three of the other four lads follow United, although they’re not avid Reds like me. But Ste, our base player, is a big City fan so the banter between us is great. I’m hoping I’ll have bragging rights at the end of the season.

If you could pick one United player to join the band for a day who would it be?
Probably Rooney. I know he’s into his music

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