30/11/2011 15:13, Report by Gemma Thompson
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Vaccines star's United love

The Vaccines' front man Justin Young talks to and United Review about suffering as a young Red and hanging out with Wayne Rooney at Glastonbury…

Why United?
My dad and brother both supported Southampton but I wanted to follow another team. I was about five at the time and I saw United on TV and they were wearing red (same as Southampton) so that was it for me; they were my team. I haven’t got a better reason unfortunately.

What are your earliest memories?
They’re not great to be honest. The first few times I saw United live was at The Dell - the first game we lost 3-1, the following year it was 6-3 to Southampton and they won again 1-0 the year after.

Who was your hero growing up?
Initially I used to have pictures of all the players up on my wall. If I saw a photo in newspapers or magazines I’d always cut them out. One time I cut out a picture of a player in a United shirt that I didn’t recognise and put him on my wall. My dad saw it and laughed: ‘that’s Gary Rhodes, he’s a celebrity chef who supports United!’ My first real hero was Beckham – I absolutely loved him and even grew curtains in tribute!

Tell us about your first visit to Old Trafford...
My dad arranged to bring me up to a game against Derby [in April ‘97] but he couldn’t get tickets in time so he planned to try and get some from a tout. Unfortunately they were charging a lot and dad didn’t have enough money so we went home without seeing the game. I was gutted. He did soften the blow by buying me a kit before we left though.

How often do you get to games nowadays?
Once or twice a season depending on work commitments. I was at the Chelsea game last month, which is one of the best matches I’ve seen here, and I came to the Newcastle match at the weekend. The guy who books our gigs is a big United fan so I’m hoping he’ll organise dates around matches!

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