09/10/2011 09:32, Report by Gemma Thompson

Anderson answers fans

The Brazilian fields a few questions posted on our message board...

You always stand in the goalkeeper’s eye-line when United have a free-kick around the area – why? – Lofotmannen
[Laughs] To try to make them laugh. And that moment, that’s hopefully when our player scores – like Rooney did against Arsenal. It’s something I thought of doing for a bit of fun, and it’s worked a few times.

How many tattoos do you have and what does the one on your right arm represent? - Tramain1987
I have five. One is for my grandmother, another is for my friend. The one on my right arm is a map of everywhere I’ve visited… Italy, England, America. And I’m not finished yet.

Would you ever consider cutting your hair? - No Mercenaries
No chance! No-one touches my hair. I like it as it is.

Is your drive to succeed still as strong as ever? - IamConnor17
Of course. This club is all about winning. I want more. I want to stay for many years and afterwards, when I go back to Brazil, I hope I can look back and know I was a big part of making history here.

What will your next goal celebration be like? - mb28mbrook
[Smiles] I don’t know. I’ll decide what to do on the spur of the moment.

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