20/10/2011 17:00, Report by Adam Marshall

Trivia: Foreign Reds

We were looking for the first 10 foreign players to represent United.

The stars all come from outside Britain and Ireland and, according to the Official Manchester United Book of Facts and Figures, span the club's illustrious history.

Players who are born to British families abroad - including Jimmy Nicholl and Charlie Mitten - are excluded. As are James Brown and Eddie McIlvenny, who were born in England but represented the USA.

With thanks to The Official Manchester United Book of Facts and Figures for the question - order your copy here.

Thanks to everyone who had a stab - we'll have another teaser next Thursday.

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1st 10 foreign players' debuts:

Carlos Sartori (Italy) - 1968
Nikola Jovanovic (Yugoslavia) - 1980
Arnold Muhren (Holland) - 1982
Jesper Olsen (Denmark) - 1984
John Sivebaek (Denmark) - 1986
Mark Bosnich (Australia) - 1990
Andrei Kanchelskis (Ukraine) - 1991
Peter Schmeichel (Denmark) - 1991
Eric Cantona (France) - 1992
William Prunier (France) - 1995


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