30/08/2011 14:45, Report by Nick Coppack

Cleverley on the spot

In a recent interview with United Review and, Tom Cleverley was also asked a few questions posted by fans on our message board. Here are his answers...

Did you see the ‘Who needs Wesley? We’ve got Cleverley’ banner at West Brom? - Leigh Hall, Salford

I did! Wesley Sneijder is fantastic, but if fans think that, then I must be doing something right. I’m not from Manchester [he’s from Basingstoke], but I’ve grown up here and know what this club means to the fans. If they get behind me like that then I’m buzzing.

You swapped shirts with Andres Iniesta after the pre-season clash with Barcelona; what have you done with it? - Paul Renton, Birmingham

It’s at home. I didn’t realise at the time, but they didn’t have their names above the shirt numbers in that game. So that’s a bit disappointing. He’s a top player, though, and I was pleased to get his shirt. He’s somebody I can watch and get a lot of tips from.

Whose idea was it to change your number from 35 to 23, and which number would you eventually like to wear? - Nic Garry, Northumberland

I really like 23, so I’m not sure if I’ll want to give this one up. The manager offered me 22 or 23, but due to superstition I prefer wearing odd numbers. Also, David Beckham was my idol growing up, and he wore no.23 at Real Madrid and still does with LA Galaxy.

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