FA Cup winners after United:

Carlos Tevez (2011)
Mark Hughes (1997)
Peter Beardsley (1989)
Laurie Cunningham (1988)
Terry Gibson (1988)
Stuart Pearson (1980)

16/09/2011 17:00, Report by Adam Marshall

Trivia: Ex-Utd Cup victors

We posed another tough teaser for you involving the Reds.

Carlos Tevez won the FA Cup with City last May - we wanted you to name five other players who left United and lifted the trophy with another club since the eighties. Obviously we're counting players who came on as substitute in finals and they must have made at least one first-team appearance for the Reds.

The answers are Mark Hughes (1997 - Chelsea), Peter Beardsley (1989 - Liverpool), Terry Gibson (1988 - Wimbledon), Laurie Cunningham (1988 - Wimbledon) and Stuart Pearson (1980 - West Ham).

The older readers, or gluttons for punishment, who might've wanted to try to recall two players in the seventies who also fit the criteria needed to come up with Jim McCalliog (1976 - Southampton) and Johnny Giles (1972 - Leeds).

Thanks to those who had a good think about - look out for another poser next Friday!

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