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15/02/2012 08:00 , Nick Coppack in Holland
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Today in Amsterdam

but United have lost? It's a tough one.

11:56 Amsterdam may have a reputation for its liberal drugs laws and, er, window shopping, but it also boasts fascinating history. The city came under heavy attack from German troops during World War II and suffered widespread damage. The human face of that period in Dutch history is undoubtedly Anne Frank, the teenage girl who, shut off from the rest of the world with her family in an annexe above an office, kept a diary throughout the ordeal that was later published post-humously. If time permits, I'm determined to visit Anne Frank's house this afternoon for what will surely be a sobering reminder of life during wartime.

11:51 Intrepid MUTV reporter Stewart Gardner managed to snap a quick picture of the team on their walk through the streets of Amsterdam. You can see that by clicking on Image Gallery in the left-hand menu. Thanks, Stewart!

11:30 Why the walk on the morning of a match? I asked first-team fitness coach Tony Strudwick the same question earlier this season, when the team were in Bucharest. He said: "The walk helps stretch the legs and exposes the players to sunlight. Hotel rooms can be dimly lit, unnecessarily warm and lack fresh air. We obviously want the players to be relaxed but too much rest, sleep or time spent in low light can be detrimental."

10:55 As has become custom on European trips, the squad have just left on a morning walk. So, if you're in Amsterdam, keep your eyes peeled for 20 men in bright red jackets. I don't think you'll miss them!

10:09 How good are Ajax? Well, when you want to know the answer to a question you should always go

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