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13/01/2012 09:05 , Editorial team
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Today at Old Trafford 16-20 January

nice but it is not something I worry about happening again." See what else he had to say in the news story on the homepage now. (GT)

13:35 I've just spoken to Wayne Rooney about Sunday's game. He says the players are really looking forward to the clash and he picked out Aaron Ramsay and Robin van Persie as the Gunners' star men this season. Look out for the full story on the website shortly. (GT)

12:48 Arsene Wenger admits he took the 8-2 defeat at Old Trafford hard. "It took me 24 hours to watch the game at Old Trafford on tape," he recalled. "It was painful but you must face reality." Thierry Henry faces a fitness test for the Gunners. (AM)

12:40 Sir Alex was asked about whether or not he expected Arsenal to be out for revenge on Sunday following United's 8-2 victory back in August, but the manager reckons the Gunners will simply have put the result out of their mind. "You have to forget it," said the boss. "I have never used revenge as part of my motivation ever. It rankles but you have to forget it. I am sure Arsene did that. That is what I would have done anyway." (GT)

11:19 Sir Alex was also asked about Danny Welbeck's contract talks after a couple of newspaper reports in the past week or so on the subject. The boss stressed United fans have nothing to fret about, stating: "There is no issue. We know the situation well with Welbeck and there is nothing to worry about there." (AM)

10:53 I'm hoping to grab a word with one of the players after training ahead of the trip to the Emirates. I'll let you know who I speak to later. (GT)

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