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18/06/2012 11:28, Report by Adam Marshall
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Scouting: Vasilis Torosidis

Talking Reds talent-spotter sarbajoym thinks Greece full-back has only enhanced his reputation during the Euro 2012 finals..

Player name: Vasilis Torosidis
National team: Greece
Club team: Olympiacos
Position: Right-back
Age: 27
Match scouted: Greece 1 Russia 0 (16 June 2012)

Key moment: Prevented Russian stalwart Yuri Zhirkhov from advancing into the Greek half as well as making many attacking advances from the flanks for his country. He also helped create what could have been the second Greek goal in the game.

Strengths: Firstly, he has a great understanding of technique, movement and positioning for a full-back as he knows when to attack and when to defend. Furthermore, he makes many accurate passes and can deliver dangerous crosses from the flanks. He also has great strength and endurance as he has featured in all 270 minutes of Greece's playing time in Euro 2012. As well as making many crucial tackles, he is versatile and can easily play on both sides. To further enhance the previous point, he has also bee known to play as a midfielder and attacker on both wings. Finally, he has vast experience of the game both internationally and domestically.

Weaknesses: No weaknesses seen in the game but his robust tackling has been known to sometimes pick up bookings. Furthermore, all the attributes mentioned in the 'Strengths' section could only be sustained for, at most, six years from now due to his current age.

Suitability: His experience and immense understanding of his positions would strengthen the attacks from the flanks. His presence in the squad would allow him to be a role-model for the young full-backs in our squad (especially for those who ply their trade in the right side).

Estimated cost: He has been a consistent performer for the Greece national team as well as for Olympiacos. His contract is set to end in 2013 with a buy-out clause of €7million. Hence, if Manchester United really want to beef up their defence with such talent and experience, they should do so before either Olympiacos renew his contract or another club (with

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