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What's your view - is Netherlands midfielder Kevin Strootman suitable for United?

Post your Euro 2012 fantasy scouting reports on Talking Reds. Please use the format shown in the main article (right).
08/06/2012 16:48, Report by Steve Bartram

Euro scouting reports

Football talent scouts will swarm all over Euro 2012 in the coming weeks, each hopeful of returning to their clubs bearing news of the next big thing waiting to happen to football. Do you fancy doing the same for, just for fun?

We want you to tell us about the players on show in Poland and Ukraine and how they might fit in at United. We know all about the big names on show - Ronaldo, Van Persie et al - so we'd far rather you assess some of the tournament's lesser-known talents; the hidden gems of the international scene.

The brief? Simple: Just kick back, watch the tournament unfold and tell us when you spot a promising player. Copying the format below, post your scouting report on Talking Reds and we'll publish the best of them on Good luck!

Scouting Report
Player name:
National team:
Club team:
Match scouted: Teams, score and date
Key moment: Which one moment or event in the match summed up why he'd be a good signing
Strengths: What are his best attributes - physical, technical and mental?
Weaknesses: Any room for improvement?
Suitability: Where would he fit into the team?
Estimated cost: Realistically, is he available, and for how much?


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