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15/06/2012 09:48, Report by Steve Bartram

Scouting: Marchisio

Talking Reds talent spotter Waheed Vadi was impressed with Claudio Marchisio's display for Italy against Croatia.

Scouting Report Player name: Claudio Marchisio
National team: Italy
Club team: Juventus
Position: Central Midfielder
Age: 26 years old (19-01-1986)
Match scouted: Italy 1-1 Croatia (14 June 2012)
Key moment: Struck a fantastic shot early on that whistled over the cross-bar, and his overall performance was of a very high quality – worked from box to box aiding and supporting all aspects of Italy’s game.
Strengths: Marchisio is a dynamic, box-to-box central midfielder – he is hard in the tackle but combines that with good vision, excellent spacial awareness and is a great reader of the game. He has a very good shot, carries the ball very well and is also an excellent passer of the ball.
Weaknesses: There are no glaringly obvious weaknesses in his game. If I had to nitpick, I’d say that he can be too hard in the tackle. He didn’t pick up any cautions in the game yesterday, but he might be prone to a card here or there.
Suitability: He would be a perfect fit at United. We have been crying out for a tenacious box-to-box midfielder since Roy Keane left. Marchisio would go a long way in doing that – he would walk straight into the first XI with no hassles at all. He is capable of playing in a 2-man midfield or a 3 man midfield and his playing style would suit the English game.
Estimated cost: I can’t see Juventus letting him go on the cheap (as he is under contract till 2016) and I think a bid in the region of the £25 million mark would tempt them. He has been at Juventus all his life so whether he’d want to move to England is another story. If he does, United should be first in line for his signature.

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