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26/03/2012 11:00, Report by Nick Coppack

Send your Fulham photos

Monday was matchday - and whether you watched United vs Fulham in person at Old Trafford or on TV from afar, we're calling for your fan photos.

Send us an image which captures some aspect of your matchday - whether you were sat in the Stretford End or a beach bar in the Bahamas - and you could win a signed print of your favourite Manchester United photograph*.

Send your images to

Don't worry if you didn't take any photos around the Fulham game... there'll be other opportunities for you to win in April and May, as we'll be checking our inbox regularly after every match.

Darren Goodson won our February competition and we've received plenty of submissions already in March. But can you do better? Have you taken a picture this month that deserves to be shared with the world?

Click on the main image above to launch a photo gallery of some of our favourite March submissions so far. But please note: this isn't the final shortlist and it's not in any particular order. What it is, however, is a flavour of the quality of images we've collected.

And remember, you don't need expensive equipment to enter. Pictures taken with a mobile phone are absolutely fine. The most important thing is that your image captures an element of your matchday, whether that's attending the game in Manchester or following the coverage from the other side of the world. And please note, photos taken during March are preferred.

Send your submission to At the end of the month, we'll trawl through the inbox and select the best entries. The shortlist will then be published as a gallery, where fans will vote for the winner. Good luck!

* See the competition's Terms & Conditions


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