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19/03/2012 09:49 , Editorial team
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Today at Old Trafford

the full story with Chris on Saturday on (GT)

12:46 You can now watch a short clip from Sir Alex's press conference on this page, by clicking the link on the left. Meanwhile, you can see a longer version - 7 minutes 42 seconds to be precise - on MUTV Online ( (AB)

12:03 We've just received news that Rafael Leao has returned to Desportivo in Brazil. The 18-year-old, who's made three appearances for the Reserves in 2011/12, has had his loan terminated. (NC)

10:32 Sir Alex spoke about Patrick Vieira's recent comments in his press conference: "If it’s desperation bringing back the best midfielder in Britain for the last 20 years [Paul Scholes] then I think we can accept that. I think he was programmed for that. Roberto [Mancini] had a wee dig a couple of weeks back. We’re all going to play our hand that way. There will be plenty of ammunition for that.

"I think the point Vieira makes about Ravel Morrison and losing our young players – we wanted to sell him let’s be clear about that for obvious reasons. But we want Pogba to stay because we think he’s going to be a fantastic Manchester United player and hopefully that’s the case.

"If you talk about desperation… City played a player the other night who refused to go on the pitch and the  manager said he’d never play again and he takes a five-month holiday in Argentina…what is that?  Could that come under the description of desperation? There will be plenty of ammunition don’t worry."

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