24/05/2012 09:16, Report by Adam Marshall

Trivia: All in the name

We've come up with a head-scratcher of a poser this week to get you thinking.

In the week that Michael Owen and ex-Red Owen Hargreaves have been released, we've been scouring the archives for former players whose surname has also been a first name of a fellow Manchester United first-teamer.

To make life easier, we'll limit the answers to only include players who have played for the Reds since England won the World Cup in 1966.

We're also looking for exact names so no Mads Timm-Tim Howard, Roy Carroll-Karel Poborsky, Arthur Graham-Graeme Hogg and the such like. We're also using the first names that players are commonly known as so Mickey Thomas and Tom Cleverley does not count, nor Ian Donald and Don Givens. Footballers with just one name (ie Anderson) are also ruled out.

We reckon there are SIX of these since the 1970s, not including Owen and Hargreaves, so get guessing!

Click here for the answers and look out for another poser next Thursday.

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