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01/05/2012 09:28 , Editorial team
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Today at OT: 30 Apr to 6 May

The editorial team for , United Review and Inside United provide regular updates from the home of the Reds...

Sunday 6 May 2012

20:26 We're coming to the end of our Sunday shift now, with the fruits of our labour now on the Homepage - with more stories to come tomorrow. With it being Bank Holiday here in Manchester, Today at Old Trafford will take a break and return on Tuesday when we're all back in the office. Bye for now. (AB)

18:17 Sir Alex's first post-match interview is with MUTV. "It's a decent result for us. But although the players played well and were professional and enthusiastic, the optimism for a huge win from the fans was perhaps too optimistic." On what might happen next week: "QPR are fighting for their lives." He still has hope, evidently, that the title can be won. (AB)

18:06 Michael Carrick has been speaking to Sky Sports. The Reds midfielder admits it's been an afternoon of "mixed emotions" after watching Manchester City win at Newcastle before going out to face Swansea. "We've given ourselves a chance by winning. Who knows what will happen next week? Stranger things have happened in football. We've still got a chance of winning the league so we'll have a good week in training and keep believing." (AB)

17:55 Sir Alex has been speaking to the crowd on the PA system, as is traditional in the final home match of the season. He thanked the fans for their support and, remaining hopeful of a final-day slip-up for Manchester City, said, "Next week we could have the biggest celebration of our lives." (AB)

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