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06/11/2012 14:00 , Steve Bartram in Braga
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Today in Braga's Steve Bartram is with the squad in Portugal for the Champions League clash with Braga and you can interact with him on our message board's dedicated thread.

Wednesday 7 November (all times are local, Portugal is the same as GMT)

23:58 Thanks for following my travelling travails, ladies and gents. It's been emotional. In the meantime, keep your eyes glued to for post-match reaction from Mike Phelan, Wayne Roooney, Chris Smalling and Ryan Giggs.

23:56 After much, much ado (the joys of having a coach driver who doesn't know north from south) I'm back at the hotel to sign off for the trip. Not a vintage performance by any stretch, but a key victory and a spot in the last 16 of the Champions League. All's well that ends well, I guess.

21:59 Final score: Braga 1 United 3. Floodlight failure, four goals, phew - we're through. And despite the awful weather, press box power problems and internet issues, you can read my match report now.

19:33 Just under 15 minutes until kick-off, so you should probably get over to Match Tracker where Nick Coppack will be providing expert text commentary on tonight's match. That's it from me here in the blog until later this evening when I'm back from the hotel. A United win will secure qualification to the knockout phase, remember...

19:08 It's still raining in Braga which, a local tells me, will suit the Reds more than our hosts. Speaking of whom, here's their side: Beto; Salino, Coelho, Douglao, Elderson; Alan, Custodio, Micael, Viana, Amorim; Eder. Subs: Quim, Baiano, Ismaily, Mossoro, Djamal, Babosa, Luis.

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