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06/11/2012 14:00 , Steve Bartram in Braga
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Today in Braga

smaller teams are getting better. Milan drew at home and there were a few draws, a few shock results. There are some interesting results coming out all the time, but hopefully we can get the result we want and qualify.” The boss’ full interview will be aired on MUTV’s Matchday Live show at 18:30.

14:38 I'm dipping out for a little bit to hopefully catch up with some travelling Reds in the centre of Braga. All being well, I'll have chatter and photos to share upon my return. I'll post snippets from Sir Alex's MUTV interview during the course of the afternoon.

14:10 Just had a brief, yet enjoyable catch-up with Braga fan Karl Donnelly (he of the fans' guide and stadium history fame) in our hotel. He says Braga will probably be happy with a point this evening, but laments that even if the hosts win 5-0, it'll barely warrant a mention in the Portuguese papers, who remain fixated on Benfica, Porto and Sporting Lisbon. 

13:43 There is also a video clip of the squad's pre-match walk around Braga ready for you to watch on the left.

13:28 MUTV have kindly provided us with a clip from last night's press conference - you can see what the boss had to say about tonight's game by clicking on the 'Sir Alex addresses the press' link on the left. By the way, you can see MUTV's interviews with Sir Alex and Anderson, which I mentioned earlier, on the channel's Matchday Live show from 18:30 GMT tonight.

12:03 The players have completed their customary wander around the locality - as you can see from John Peters' work in the image gallery. The wind has dropped but it is now very overcast here. In

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