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06/11/2012 14:00 , Steve Bartram in Braga
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Today in Braga

terms of coat weather, we're looking at maybe a light wool number, probably evolving to a full parka in time for tonight's game.

11:48 I've stuck three shots of Anderson's (and Patrice's) interview in the image gallery for the delectation of all those who like their pictures dimly lit and shakily shot. Blurry walkabout pictures to follow. 

11:15 Another interview chalked off. Anderson joins Sir Alex in the metaphorical bag and so too, briefly, did Patrice Evra, who interrupted the Brazilian's chat with Stewart to offer his interpreting services. Images and words to follow, while model pro Gardner simply shakes his head at it all.

10:37 I took a couple of snaps while Sir Alex was being interviewed, which you can see via our image gallery (just below the Today in Braga header). Within it, there are also several breath-taking - and professionally taken - shots of the Estadio AXA. Feast your eyes.

10:14 In the meantime, feel free to peruse some other background content around tonight's game. I've spoken with editor Tom Kundert for his thoughts on the game, and Braga fan Karl Donnelly sheds light on SCB's incredible Estadio Axa.

10:09 The boss is in the metaphorical bag, and I'll aim to have a couple of stories from him during the course of today. We've also got the team's customary wander around Braga to come and one or two other bits and bobs ahead of kick-off.

09:35 Good morning from Portugal. It's sunny, yet windy, in Braga and I'm perched with MUTV's Stewart Gardner waiting for Sir Alex. The manager is

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