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19/11/2012 12:01 , Nick Coppack in Turkey
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Today in Istanbul

10:13 You may have read a lot about the welcome Galatasaray fans had planned for the team last night at the Ataturk airport. As I reported yesterday, we missed all the commotion because we left the airport through a different terminal. "We dodged it - we came underground!" Sir Alex joked. But pictures in the papers and footage on the television confirm the Turkish fans were out in force. I imagine the atmosphere will be similarly ferocious this evening in the Turk Telekom Arena; the young lads should gain valuable experience.

Monday 19 November

22:27 The stadium, by the way, is first-class and will hopefully provide a match of high drama tomorrow evening. Since it's already late and I've not eaten since the journey I'm going to nip out and sample some of the local cuisine. I'll see you in the morning. Goodnight.

22:24 Well, that was an interesting evening. I'm at the hotel now but I've seen a few pictures of the Galatasaray fans at the airport. In a way, it's a shame we didn't exit through the terminal where they were waiting - thousands were gathered, flares burning, to "welcome" the team to Istanbul. Tomorrow night's going to be intense inside the ground.

21:30 I've just added a few photos to the image gallery on the left of our view of a lovely sunset on the plane and from inside the Turk Telekom Arena. Check them out now.

21:13 Sir Alex's final thoughts on Tuesday's game were simple: "We'll go out to win. There's no other way for us."

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