"A large group of local girls came and sang Braga songs against the hundreds of Reds before splitting up and hugging everyone! It was pretty weird, but brought a smile to everyone's face."

- Casper Heiselberg (2nd left)

09/11/2012 21:05, Report by Steve Bartram
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Away days: Braga

Trafford. I've also got a presence online through my website ( and on social media, which obviously helps us to keep in touch. It's great to get to know people across the club and to also be recognised.

You must always have a lot of logistical issues to negotiate - is that the downside of following United around the world?
I suppose, yeah. My flight back on Thursday was cancelled, so I had to stay overnight in Porto. Then my flight from Porto to Lisbon on Friday was delayed, which meant I didn't catch the flight to Copenhagen until much later, so I made it home really late.
What's the best thing about going on these trips?
The atmosphere, singing, banter and the community. To meet familiar faces and catch up with other Reds. Obviously, it's also great to see Europe and watch United at some of the most spectacular football grounds.

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