"I love everything about United's European away trips. I like to experience foreign cities, to join in with the locals and have a bit of friendly banter with the home fans."

- Peter Bolton (pictured first left)

Click the pic to see two more of Peter's photographs from Istanbul.

25/11/2012 11:35, Report by Adam Bostock
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Away days: Norwich & Turkey

Peter Bolton attended his 1,065th consecutive home match when Manchester United beat QPR on Saturday – and he rarely misses an away game either. He spoke to after back-to-back trips to see the Reds face Norwich and Galatasaray…

Tell us about your journey to the Norwich game – is it the longest one in the Premier League?
I think Swansea might be further away in terms of miles but the journey to Norwich is a drag. I drive a minibus and because we pick up other fans in Stoke and Stafford on the way, we go down the M6 to the A40 and A11. It just seems to go on and on and with it being a late match this time, we didn’t get back until half past one in the morning. It’s not the easiest of treks for us.

Who did you travel with?
I have a 14-seater minibus and it’s full for every game. There’s a pool of about 20 of us to make up the 14 depending on who’s got tickets for the match. I’m the driver, so I always get a ticket… if I don’t get one, we don’t go!

Is boredom ever an issue on your epic road trips?
No, we always find something to do. There’s a lot of banter on the minibus, we have CDs of United songs to sing along to and we’ll put the radio on if there’s another match in progress. On the way to Norwich we listened to Arsenal against Tottenham, after stopping off in Tamworth to catch our first live game of the day – United’s Under 18s away to Aston Villa. On the way back, some of the passengers will fall asleep, but as the driver, I have to stay awake until I’ve got everyone home safely!

What do you make of Carrow Road?
I’m a bit of a traditionalist so I like Norwich’s ground. I much prefer the older venues to the modern plastic stadiums where it’s hard to generate an atmosphere. My favourites would be places such as Goodison Park, Villa Park and White Hart Lane. But while I like Carrow Road, I wouldn’t lose any sleep if Norwich were relegated, because of the time it takes us to get there.

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