12/11/2012 21:48, Report by Nick Coppack
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Away days: Aston Villa

we'd win.

Javier Hernandez was the star of the show, but which other United players impressed you?
Rafael. I know he's had his ups and downs over the years but I really think we've got a special one there with him. He's a top right back and this season he's maturing into the sort of player who could spend years and years in that position.

Nothing beats a come-from-behind victory, but would you prefer United started winning games in more conventional fashion?
I don't think anybody could claim it's not been an exciting season, but a few comfortable 2-0 or 3-0 wins would be a welcome change. It might stop the hair going grey early!

How often do you get to see United away?
I've only missed two domestic away games in the last six years and they were both last season. I missed the defeat at Newcastle (illness) and the win at Spurs (no ticket).

What's the most difficult away trip you've made?
A few years ago we played Chivas Guadalajara in Mexico as part of the pre-season tour. That was a tough one. I stood on a spike and cut my foot open during the trip. The food wasn't the best, either, and I had to take a taxi ride each morning just to get a decent coffee!

Finally, how do you rate United’s chances of winning back the league title this season?
I think we'll win it but I'm obvioulsy biased. Even though we're four points clear I think we'll get much better and once all our defenders are fit we might ship fewer goals!

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