12/11/2012 21:48, Report by Nick Coppack
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Away days: Aston Villa

With Manchester United on a run of four successive away games - Braga, Aston Villa, Norwich and Galatasaray - we're catching up with supporters who clock up the hard yards following the Reds. This time it's Steve Ryder on the trip to Birmingham...

Tell us about your visit to Aston Villa...
As Sir Alex said on Saturday, Birmingham's almost like a local game now, especially after Bolton and Blackburn went down. It's one of the easier away trips for United fans and I drove down with a mate I play football with. We met some Fleetwood Town fans on the way back at Hilton Park services – they'd travelled all the way to Exeter to be part of a crowd of just 354 people – and had a good chat. You always meet interesting people at away games.

Have you been to Villa Park before? How does it compare to other away grounds?
I've lost count of how many times I've been to Villa Park. I must be getting on for about 20 visits now. It's a brilliant stadium, a proper football ground, just like Craven Cottage. The trip to Villa is always one of the first I look for when the fixtures come out (after City and Liverpool, of course!).

Was United's away end as good as Sir Alex claimed? He said the supporters were fantastic and inspired the team's comeback...
It was brilliant – definitely one of the best I've been in for a long time. United fans were really loud throughout, even when Villa went 2-0 up. And the roar when Hernandez scored the winner... what a moment!

What was the mood like in the United end at half-time? And what about when Villa went 2-0 up? Did anybody still predict a Reds win?
No, not at all. I know we'd come back so many times already this season but we were very average in the first half. The general consensus around me was that we were suffering from the usual post-Euro away blues. A few people might have thought we'd scrape a draw but I don't think many believed

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