27/09/2012 11:41, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Q&A: Justin Young

The Vaccines frontman sat down with United Review to discuss his love for tour football, ex-Red David Beckham and the merits of the Capital One Cup...

Your family are Southampton fans... Did you enjoy the recent win at St Mary’s?
“I became a Red because I hated doing the same thing as my brother, who supports Saints, so it was great. We used to go to The Dell when United were in town but we always seemed to lose, so my family were okay with us winning this time. It’d been a while.”

Is it true David Beckham was one of your first heroes?
“I grew the curtains and everything! He was the poster boy of football in the nineties. The way he played made him an easy hero and his goal at Wimbledon made him a star. I used to practice free-kicks and corners for hours, trying to be him. I still have a soft spot for Becks.”

We hear the Vaccines have a five-a-side team on tour...
“We’ve played in Romania, Hong Kong, Perth, Melbourne, Brazil... and Glasgow! It’s a nice thing to do on our day off as most people in the band like playing. We have our own home and away kits, and play amongst ourselves or against local teams, wherever we are.”

Are many other bands into football?
“As a teenager, it felt like you could only be into one thing. So it was either football, music or skateboarding... You didn’t realise you could like them all. Now, I’m in a band and find that every other musician is into football. We quite often play against other bands.”

How important is the Capital One Cup for you?
“It’s a shame it has been pushed down the pecking order because of the Champions League, but every cloud has a silver lining and while you should take every competition seriously, we have a big enough squad to be able to bleed the youngsters, which is great.”

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