Moves like Evra

"I play the odd game in central midfield, but my main position is left-back so I’d say I’m a bit like Patrice Evra. I’m an energetic player who never stops running and I love bombing forward like Patrice does."

- Nathan 'Oddey' Kabs, Flawless dancer and Manchester United fan

07/09/2012 13:39, Report by Gemma Thompson
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My United: Nathan Kabs

He danced for the Queen at her Diamond Jubilee concert, but Nathan 'Oddey' Kabs of Britain’s Got Talent dance group Flawless insists nothing beats performing at Old Trafford…

Why United?
It’s all down to Eric Cantona. I’d watched quite a bit of United before he joined, but as soon as he arrived I completely fell in love with the club. There’s just something very special about United. We always fight until the very end and never know when we’re beaten. We don’t just settle for second best, we want to be the best and stay there. United are a club that make you enjoy football more because of the way we play the game and, for me personally, the way the players go about their job inspires me as a performer.

What’s your earliest memory of following the Reds?
When Eric joined really and the magic he brought with him when he came. He helped us finally win the league after such a long wait and the team just moved forward and dominated from there. From that time, the Treble is obviously the big memory that sticks out for me.

Do you have a favourite game?
It has to be the 1999 Champions League final. That will always be one of the most unbelievable nights any United fan has ever known. I did a bit of ‘Harlem Shaking’ [classic dance move] that night during the celebrations!

We hear you were a pretty decent footballer yourself…
Yeah I had two options really – to go further in football or become a dancer. I played football growing up as a kid for some local youth clubs and then a district team in Islington. My next move up from there would have been England U16s but I never got the call unfortunately. We had scouts coming to watch us but it wasn’t meant to be and it was during that time that I suffered a bit with injuries. From there I made the decision to go forward with the dancing. I’d already met Marlon [Wallen], who formed Flawless, at school and he got me an audition for a freestyle group… and Flawless became what it is today.

Do you see many similarities between footballers and dancers?
Absolutely. No matter if you’re a footballer or a dancer,

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