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"I remember travelling to London convinced United would win the trophy but then I was the sort of fan who was upset when we used to get knocked out of the Soccer Sixes."

Adam Marshall,

17/04/2013 09:00, Report by Adam Marshall
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Blog: Out of Credit

Davenport converting a penalty but a harsh handball against Bryan Robson allowed Mel Sterland to level it up from the spot.

Sterland would also later provoke my ire for giving Lee Sharpe a rough ride when playing right-back for Leeds. I think the boss said he kicked the winger from 'pillar to post', although I later got to speak to Sterland regularly when working with ClubCall and he was a smashing guy.

Colin West hit the winner and that was it. It was a feeling emptier than Wembley Stadium itself on the day, but I still stayed to watch Nottingham Forest beat the Owls on penalties after a goalless draw, the same method used to defeat plucky underdogs Tranmere in the semi-finals. The idea must have been to try to get my money's worth in terms of entertainment.

It wasn't a great day out. There have been other disappointing days at the famous arena but this event was definitely one to forget. All this at a time when fans would not be saying things like they would 'settle for just the league title' in any given season.

Later that year, there was the chance of redemption in the Mercantile Credit Centenary Trophy. Was there no end to this? Everton and Newcastle had been dismissed en route to Villa Park and the October final against Arsenal provided another opportunity for 'cup glory' on a Sunday.

Maybe it was a 16th birthday present as that was only two days away, or perhaps I really was that desperate to see United win something. In any case, although I remember the atmosphere being pretty good, Paul Davis and Michael Thomas scored in quick succession for the Gunners.

Clayton Blackmore pulled one back late on to spark hopes of a miraculous recovery but it wasn't to be and Arsenal were able to celebrate (pictoral evidence suggests this was definitely the case so it wasn't just me that wanted to win it). What Arsenal would give for the trophy now to end their drought (almost certainly nothing).

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