The Manchester derby will be watched intensely by United's worldwide supporters clubs.

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07/04/2013 20:07, Report by Adam Bostock
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Global Reds eye local tie

game. High-fiving with the Great Dane when van Persie's free-kick went in was something I had dreamed of!

Stefanos Tsichritzis, Greece: My favourite moment was roughly ten years ago at Old Trafford when Niall Quinn, like a drunken giraffe, fired wide of an open goalmouth from five yards out. He held his head in disbelief much to the joy of K Stand.

Hansruedi Amsler, Switzerland: United's 5-0 demolition of City in 1994… probably because I was at Maine Road on 23 September 1989 when we lost 5-1!

Ville Romppainen, Finland: It has to be when Owen scored the 96th-minute winner and I was sitting in the Stretford End. That 4-3 game was such a rollercoaster of emotions.

Rok Saje, Slovenia: For me, it’s Rooney’s bicycle kick... and I was there to see it.

Kyle Diller, USA: RvP's Etihad winner. I think everyone wanted revenge for last season's heartbreak and we got it. When his goal went in, I was just lost in so much raw emotion. In that moment, so many of our derby demons were exorcised. That feeling was one of the best I've had in over a decade of supporting the club.

Where and with whom will you be watching Monday's match?

Ethel Sleith, South Africa: We’ll be at the Keg and Beagle in Linksfield, Johannesburg. Kick-off’s at 9pm for us but hopefully we’ll have a lot of branch members there.

Hisham Alkooheji, Bahrain: I will be at Elite Seef Residence & Hotel in Bahrain, where we watch all the games with our supporters club members and other United fans in Bahrain. Kick-off is at 10pm so we’ll be exhausted at work the next day but it's worth it.

Ali Kassem, Lebanon: I'll be watching the game at our local pub in Beirut with around 300 other Lebanese Reds!

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