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23/04/2013 09:24 , Editorial team
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Today at Old Trafford

- The manager is “not really bothered” about Robin van Persie’s return to Arsenal and doesn’t think the striker is either. “There was some booing of him at Old Trafford but that's modern society,” he adds.

- On winning the league, Sir Alex says it’s terrific for the six players who experienced it for the first time and that their hard work was justified.

12:05 Adam is poised for Sir Alex's press conference at Carrington. Look out for updates here in around 30 minutes. (JT)

11:10 Due to the big events mentioned below, I had to park in a different place this morning and walk a bit further to the website office (it's okay, I need the exercise). On passing Sir Alex Ferguson's statue outside the stand renamed in his honour (formerly known as North Stand), it made me think... how strange it is to see a sculpture of someone and then be in the same room as them, in the flesh, a couple of hours later. It has happened before, mind you, when we've walked past the Trinity statue and bumped into Sir Bobby Charlton in reception. (AB)

11:01 Old Trafford is staging two big events this weekend - the auditions for TV talent show The X Factor which start today, and the Greater Manchester Marathon on Sunday. Whichever football club the runners support, they'll be delighted to arrive at the home of the champions as it'll mean they have completed the full 26-mile course. The finish line is here, while the starting point is further up Chester Road towards the city centre. Good luck to all those taking part. (AB)

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