Two Rons made a right

"It was a big disappointment at the time. But we signed Cristiano Ronaldo that very same summer and perhaps we wouldn't have ended up with Ronaldo had we got Ronaldinho."

- Sir Alex Ferguson

28/08/2013 22:12, Report by Adam Marshall
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Blog: Fate of the market

Breakthroughs like those made with Robin van Persie last year will be viewed as vital and there is no doubt that the club still has the ability to rock the footballing world with its incoming business. It's probably that excitement of the unknown that fuels the current levels of mania regarding transfers, even if playing and winning matches is far more important. 

For some, the countdown to the window shutting will be a stressful affair. However, that shouldn't really apply to fans of Manchester United judging by recent history. The hype and expectation will continue to build but this is certainly no time for panic.

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