09/12/2013 09:24, Report by Mark Froggatt
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Fury's Old Trafford dream

During a recent trip to watch United, British heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury revealed his Red credentials and a desire to fight at Old Trafford…

So, how did you become a United fan?
I became a United fan at a very young age. Most of my family were Manchester City fans so I decided to follow United - just to be the outcast! The Fury household is always an interesting place to be on derby day, put it that way.

What's your fondest memory of supporting the Reds?
The one that sticks out for me is the 1999 Champions League final in Barcelona, when we won the Treble. I watched the game at home and I remember going out of my house with some friends after the final whistle, running up and down the street screaming! It was an incredible night for every United fan and I still get goosebumps from watching the replays. 

Who was your first United hero? 
It would have to be Eric Cantona. I would say he’s a bit like me - controversial, outspoken and basically doesn’t care what people think of him! He was never afraid to try different things on the pitch. He had a lot of passion for the game and he loved to get stuck in. He was a great player for us.

How do you feel whenever you come to Old Trafford?
It’s a special place. Every time you come here, you feel the history that it has. It would be one of my biggest dreams to fight here just as Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank did in 1993. But I think it would be an even bigger event because I’m from Manchester and obviously a heavyweight.

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